Ripe with Possibilities

Fruit In Hand offers delicious evidence that Nature knows best. We take our cue from the fruit itself, creating an honest, premier product with no fillers or substitutes.

Easy to use and impressively versatile, Fruit In Hand is farm-fresh fruit that’s quick-frozen at the peak of ripeness. It adds the sweetness and texture of real fruit to beverages, cocktails, smoothies, desserts, sauces, toppings, and breakfast options.

Fruit In Hand is available in two styles.  Original style has diced pieces of fruit with a chunky texture.   Velvet style is blended to a smooth, velvety texture.

Original Fruit In Hand is available immediately. Velvet is custom order only at this time.

Custom Mixes

Need something special?  Talk to our flavor and development experts about a custom solution. Please contact us for further information.  Special orders are subject to lead times and minimum order quantities.